6 August 2021

Dear friends

Today, following the 50th National Cabinet Meeting, our Prime Minister updated Australia on our COVID-19 Response, following the recent outbreaks across the country, and the COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy.

Last month, National Cabinet agreed to formulate a four-phase National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID Response from its current pre-vaccination settings (focusing on continued suppression of community transmission) to post-vaccination settings (focused on prevention of serious illness, hospitalisation and fatality, and the public health management of other infectious diseases).

Today, National Cabinet agreed to the Plan which incorporates the Doherty Institute COVID-19 modelling and Treasury economic analysis, and sets vaccination targets required to transition to each phase. Once Australia achieves a vaccination rate above 80 per cent, Australians should expect lockdowns to be a thing of the past, with international travel restrictions lifted for fully vaccinated Australians.

The Morrison Government will also look to expand the use of rapid antigen testing as a public health measure to battle the virus.

This is an important tool to be used at the right state of the process and it’s being used right now in essential workplaces, it’s being used now for medical workers in major care facilities and has a specific purpose at this point.

There will be further work done to prepare for those phases (of the pathway out of the pandemic) and how rapid antigen testing can be better used in those phases but for now, will be continue to be used in a targeted way and continue to work with the Therapeutic Goods Administration to see more of those tests coming available.


National Cabinet noted that Australians are doing a great job and stepping forward for their vaccines.

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to expand with a daily record of 240,039 doses.

Over 13.25 million doses have been administered, with a new record set on Thursday, with 240,039 doses in a single day.
• Vaccinations are increasing with over 1.25 million Australians vaccinated over the last 7 days.
More than 80% of those aged over 70 are protected by a first dose
Over 65% of all Australians aged over 50 are protected by a first dose.
More than 43% of all Australians aged over 16 are protected by a first dose.

All leaders reiterated the importance of Australians, especially those in vulnerable groups, to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are registered for use in Australia and are proven to be effective in preventing serious illness and death, as well as limiting transmission.