Stronger Economy Stronger Future

Feb 23, 2022 | Federal News

The Morrison Government is working to secure our economic recovery, support local jobs and help Australians get ahead. Only the Morrison Government has an economic plan for the future of Australia and the plan is working. 

✅There are 259,500 more Australians employed than before the pandemic. (ABS, Jan 2022)

✅Household electricity prices have dropped by 9% since 2018.

✅Australia has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.

✅7 million Australian are getting $2,000 or more of tax relief (compared to 2017-18).

We are strengthening Medicare by making telehealth permanent.

220,000 trade apprentices are in training – the highest number on record.

Our economic plan is working.  One million more women are in work today when compared to when we took office. And unlike Labor, we will never put that at risk with ever higher taxes.

The Morrison Government has continued to guarantee the essential services that Australians rely on each and every day. We have guaranteed record levels of funding for hospitals, medicines and Medicare. We have over 500,000 people benefitting from the NDIS. We have allocated over 160,000 new Aged Care Home Care Packages. We have has committed more than $34 billion in health funding since the start of the pandemic – the largest health response in Australian history.

This term of government has been like no other; it has been totally unprecedented. However through all of this uncertainty at home and abroad, the Morrison Government has prioritised saving lives and livelihoods all across Australia.


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