Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash

Shadow Attorney-General

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Senator for Western Australia


5 AUGUST 2023


Reports today that the Western Australian Government will scrap its controversial Aboriginal Heritage laws is a humiliating backdown for the Labor Party.

Shadow Attorney General Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said: “They realise that these laws are turning Australians against the Voice in the upcoming referendum.”

“Premier Cook should have listened much earlier and saved thousands of Western Australians, particularly farmers, the anguish and worry of the past few months,’’ she said.

“There is still a significant risk for farmers and local communities with the Albanese Labor Government proposing their own changes to cultural heritage laws at a Federal level,’’ Senator Cash said.

Senator Cash said: “Mr Albanese now needs to ensure that the disastrous Western Australian laws are not replicated at a Federal level.”

“They should take note of the chaos in Western Australia and be extremely cautious with any new laws they propose,’’ she said.

“The chaos that was caused in Western Australia is an indication of what could happen if a Voice to Parliament is enshrined in our Constitution,’’ Senator Cash said.

“You can scrap a bad law – but you can’t change the Constitution once you have altered it,’’ she said.