Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash

Shadow Attorney-General

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Senator for Western Australia


19 FEBRUARY 2024


Anthony Albanese’s claims that he will not touch Western Australia’s GST are completely worthless because they come from a Prime Minister who breaks his promises, particularly when it involves tax.

The Prime Minister’s weakness on protecting our borders, despite his claims to the contrary, has also been exposed with the arrival of an illegal boat in Western Australia.

The Prime Minister and the Treasurer promised more than 100 times they would deliver the stage 3 tax cuts but have gone back on their word, leaving the important piece of taxation reform in tatters.

“If the Prime Minister and Labor can perpetrate such a huge lie, how can anyone ever believe anything they say, ever again?” Senator Cash said.

“Western Australians certainly should not believe him when he talks about not touching the GST deal, delivered by the previous Coalition Government which finally gave our State a fair share,’’ she said.

“Mr Albanese’s word is worthless. Watch him fold to pressure from other States and come after our GST money when he needs it,’’ Senator Cash said.

Mr Albanese has become the liar in the Lodge. Before the election, he promised a $275 reduction in people’s power bills, “cheaper mortgages”, and he promised that families would be “better off” under him. Yet in just 18 months: Food has gone up more than 9%; housing has gone up more than 12%; electricity has gone up more than 23%; gas has gone up more than 29% and rents are experiencing the highest increase since 2009.

“If the best Mr Albanese can do for Western Australia is leave our coastline vulnerable to people smugglers and offer hollow promises about our rightful share of the GST then I’m not sure why he’s bothering to come here,’’ Senator Cash said.

“He can pretend all he likes that he cares about Western Australia but those words count for nothing coming from a PM who keeps breaking promises,’’ she said